Mar 12, 2016
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Kali standing calm on Shiva after victory against evil

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Kali or the terrible aspect of Venus is such a complex myth. Both in formal representation and spiritual ramifications.

Hindu texts referring to the goddess are nearly unanimous in describing her as terrible in appearance and as offensive and destructive in her habits. Her hair is disheveled, her eyes red and fierce, and she has fangs and a long lolling tongue, her lips are often smeared with blood, her breasts are long and pendulous, her stomach is sunken, and her figure is generally gaunt.  She is naked accept for several characteristic ornaments: a necklace of skulls or freshly cut heads, a girdle of severed arms, and infant corpses as earrings.

D. Kinsley, “Blood and Death Out of Place,” in J. Hawson and D. Wulff eds., The Divine Consort (Berkeley, 1982), pp. 144-145.

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Kali here also resembles the squatting man.

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