Aug 31, 2020
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Stele with Human Bull Bass-relief in Et-Tell, Golan Heights

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Stele with a bull-headed human like bass-relief in Et-Tell in the Golan Heights, crop of original photo, CC BY 3.0 Chmee2 via Wikipedia. The figure seems to be carrying a sword and a kind of helmet that ends at the center of the almost perfect circle made by the horns.

The stele is located in the ruins of the city gate. According to this article in Haaretz:

During the 30 years of digging, the archaeological team found an even more ancient city beneath Iron Age Geshur. The “modern” one dates to about the 8th century BCE and the even older city goes back over 3,000 years, to about the 10th-11th century BCE.

Most of the finds are fortifications and walls dating from the 8th century BCE.

Discerning the boundaries of the more ancient city has been challenging. However, the ruins of the older city started to emerge three meters below the level of the 8th century BCE capital with the discovery of a massive outer city-wall. That ancient wall had been built of massive boulder stones, says Dr. Kate Raphael said, adding, “We find lots of crushed mud-brick debris – evidence of destruction – so whoever rebuilt the city had to level out the destroyed city in order to build the 8th century city.”

The figure itself is very reminiscent of other squatting man figures elsewhere, as well as the horns themselves, with the helmet at the center:



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