Sep 21, 2014
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From crater to groove. Arsia Mons, Mars

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Arsia Mons. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU. See it on Google Mars.

Mars is weird. The topography of Arsia Mons seems to concentrate all the medium to large scale weird features of the Martian landscape in one spot. The article The Craters are Electric by Michael Goodspeed at highlights the many problems of conventional explanations for Martian features. Together with  this other article by Z. Dahlen Parker titled Static Electric Discharges to a Dust Covered CRT Provide Insight into Crater Formation and Other Features on Planetary Bodies, they provide alternative explanations of electrical origin for such features. Also, see more experiments at

I’ll show some details of Arsia Mons topography and then some of the experiments with electrical discharges:

Additional info: Some how-to make the CRT experiments. Wal Thornhill’s Spiral Galaxies & Grand Canyons.

From thunderbolts site:

The electric interpretation of these events describes a plasma discharge sweeping across a hemisphere of Mars and cutting into the surface in the same way an industrial arc cuts into its target. Sometimes the arc divided in two, and at times it sent out additional sputtering lightning filaments. In the end, the arc removed some 10,000 trillion tons of Martian surface.

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