Jun 18, 2016
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Sāmarrā Bowl. Early swastika with tendril-like appendages.

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Bowl from Sāmarrā, Iraq, circa 5000 BCE. I assume this is a photo of a reconstruction. Photo credit unknown.

This neolithic town created a long line of splendid painted ceramics and female figurines (which start back in the pre-pottery era, so old is the tradition there). Here women stand in the quadrants, their hair whirling in the Four Winds, circled by a ring of scorpions. Scorpion Goddess is common in ancient Iraq and Iran as well as Egypt — Serqet, the companion of Auset (Isis) — and also known in Central America.

This is an early type of swastika. With tendril-like appendages. There is exhaustive documentation in this book:

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Let’s see more swastikas or, as I call them here, swirls:


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