Aug 10, 2016
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Crescent, Hand and Star Petroglyph in Chaco Canyon

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Crescent, Hand and Star Anasazi petroglyph in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, otherwise known as the Supernova Pictograph. Contributed by Meredith Moseley via Google Maps.

U.S. National Park Service website says:

Pueblo Bonito is the most thoroughly investigated and celebrated cultural site in Chaco Canyon. Planned and constructed in stages between AD 850 to AD 1150 by ancestral Puebloan peoples, this was the center of the Chacoan world. That world eventually covered a vast area of the present-day Southwest, including the San Juan Basin of New Mexico, and portions of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. For over 300 years, Chacoan Culture united many diverse peoples within its sphere of influence.

Here’s other vertically oriented crescents, or horns, a hand, or wings:

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