Aug 9, 2016
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Ancient Pueblo-Anasazi rock art – New Mexico

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Ancient Pueblo-Anasazi rock art – New Mexico. © Ira Block via

The caption of  a photography by Charles Mann says:

A dramatic wide-eyed shield man occupies a spot high on a volcanic ridge overlooking the Galesteo River Basin near the village of Galesteo, New Mexico, a few miles from Santa Fe.

So the map points to the volcanic ridge called El Crestón:

Of this specific petroglyph, Wikipedia says:

A Southern Tewa (Tano) anthropomorphic figure with rattle, petroglyph in the Galisteo Basin, a major Tano homeland prior to the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

See more on the Galisteo Basin sites here:

Most images are stylistically and iconographically consistent with Rio Grande Classic or Pueblo IV period, dating to about the 1300s to the early or mid-1500s. Of all the human-made marks on the dike, 4,235 were thought to be prehistoric.

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