Jul 31, 2016
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Sears Point Archaeology Site in Arizona, USA

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Petroglyphs. Sears Point Archaeology Site. Yuma County, AZ, USA. © chris_crssd via Flickr.

George & Eve DeLange’s site says about them:

During prehistoric times the Gila River flowed west out of the Mountains of western New Mexico, and then made a wide turn near the modern day town of Gila Bend and then continued west on its journey to empty into the Colorado River.

Three prehistoric cultures were believed to have used the Sears Point area between about 10,000 B.C. and 1,450 A.D. They were known as the Desert Archaic, Patayan, and Hohokam Cultures.

Prehistoric peoples have used numerous trails along the Gila River as they traveled throughout the area. During more modern times many of these same trails were used during the discovery and settlement of America.

This is why I have included this picture in a wide range of chronological categories.

See more from the area and compare them with some Peratt plasma instabilities:

© chris_crssd via Flickr

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