Apr 11, 2016
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Mask “Kanaga” from the Dogon people of Mali

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Mask “kanaga” from the Dogon people of Mali.  Wood, paint and fiber. The photo is from Zemanek-Münster: 69th tribal art auction online catalog.

The caption from the catalog says:

Wood, black encrusted patina in some areas, min. red paint, framed by a collar of red dyed fibre tufts, intact hanging of fibre plait, superstructure in shape of a double cross, slightly dam., traces of insect caused damage (nose- and forehead ridge), cracks, waterspots; the kanaga mask can be interpreted in different ways: crocodile, creator genius, but also “bird in flight”. According to the latter interpretation it represents the bird kommolo tebu with spread wings and black and white plumage, when after its shooting the hunter carved the first kanaga.

H: 86 cm / H: 33.9 inch

Leopold Häfliger, Lucerne, Switzerland
Toni Dähler, Basel, Switzerland
Hans Hess, Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Eduard Hess, Oberwil, Switzerland

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