Sep 1, 2015
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Scandinavian bronze figure with horns on his head

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Figure with horns on his head, a sword in his right hand, two crossed sticks in the left hand. Kungsängen, Uppland, Sweden. Photo Credit: Sören Hallgren, Swedish History Museum, 1995-05-30. CC BY. Catalog № SHM 30245.

The item’s location and extended description can be found at Swedish National Heritage Board’s website.

This figurine is in Upplands-Bro municipality coat of arms.

City Arms of Upplands-Bro, close to Stockholm, Sweden. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons

Their website states (edited from a translation by Google…)

The figure has a flat back and a loop at the head, presumably to be sewn. The same motif is found on objects in the Tampere (800-1050 AD), but the subject goes back further than that. A similar figure was found in Sutton Ho in England and dated to 600 BC Even the rock carvings from the Bronze Age (1500-500 BC) found the figure which probably depicts a figure in Norse mythology.

The horns look like an ouroboros to me.

Historiska Museet

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