Sep 12, 2014
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Ship of Heavens Nordic Bronze Age Petroglyph

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This is a Nordic Bronze Age petroglyph that is carved into the Vitlyckehäll stone near Tanumshede, in Västra Götaland County, western Sweden. The Vitlyckehäll stone is the largest surface that contains these carvings, which were discovered in 1972 by a construction project crew. This area has about 3000 petroglyphs and has been designated as a United Nations World Heritage site. As with the Alta, Norway petroglyphs shown on this page, the red ochre paint has been added to restore what is believed to be the original appearance. Image © iStockphoto / Matt Trommer.

According to this article:

Rock carvings are an important part in the ancient history of Sweden, many of them in the runic alphabet. Yet even before the time of this ancient alphabet, there was an active participation in rock illustrations.

Sweden has a special site of rock carvings in the northernmost part of the country’s western coastline. This is located along the northern parts of the province of Bohuslän, near Tanumshede (a small locality in Västra Götaland County). There are a great number of high quality rock carvings (also known as petroglyphs) in this area and consequently it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is a large rock in Tanumshede, dated from the Nordic Bronze Age, (from about 1800 to 500 BCE) with petroglyphs and it has become known as Vitlyckehäll. There are even burial mounds, in this area, which have been traced to all those years ago.

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