Jun 15, 2015
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Bruce Pennington’s “Eschatus” – M̲elt

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Bruce Pennington’s “Eschatus” – M̲elt

From Bruce’s own Website:

Bruce Pennington worked on this book from the autumn of 1975 through to the winter of 1976, often at a furious pace as the true scale of the undertaking dawned on him and the necessary deadlines of publishing began to snap at his heels.

Often it seemed that the paintings themselves were the least troublesom aspect of the work because he had also undertaken to supply the text. As all existing translations of Nostrodamus’s prophecies had to some extent been corrupted by attempts to clarify them, Pennington wanted a fresh translation with as few interpretations as possible. This meant endless trips to the British Library, but to his relief the work was later taken over by the Editors at dragon’s World.


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