Apr 28, 2016
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Patterned Body Anthropomorphic figures

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Patterned body anthropomorphic figures. All images are from the article:

  • A. P. Garfinkel, D. R. Austin, D. Earle, and H. W. (Wokod), “Myth, ritual and rock art: Coso decorated animal-humans and the Animal Master,” Rock Art Research, vol. 26, iss. 2, pp. 179-197, 2009.
      author =    {Alan P. Garfinkel and Donald R. Austin and David Earle and Harold Williams (Wokod)},
      title =     {Myth, ritual and rock art: Coso decorated animal-humans and the Animal Master},
      journal =   {Rock Art Research},
      year =      {2009},
      volume =    {26},
      number =    {2},
      pages =     {179-197},
      month =     nov,
      abstract =  {Recent interpretations of rock art have often focused on these images as a somewhat exclusive record of shamanic experiences. Consideration of decorated animal-human figures (Patterned Body Anthropomorphs - PBAs) within the Coso Rock Art Complex in eastern California, in conjunction with the mythology of Kawaiisu, other Numic, and Tubatulabal groups, suggests an alternative (or perhaps complementary) view.  Coso PBAs may be representations of an important supernatural – possibly the netherworld master of the animals.  This interpretation, if valid, provides further support for Coso rock art as a manifestation of a hunting religion complex.  Such a complex prominently featured animal ceremonialism and functioned in part as a means to envision a supernatural agent that had special powers controlling the movements of animals and restoring game to the human world.},
      file =      {GarfinkelAustinEarleWokodMyth2009.pdf:media/trismegisto/Vitamin/Documents/Bibliography/GarfinkelAustinEarleWokodMyth2009.pdf:PDF},
      timestamp = {2016-05-02},
      url =       {https://web.archive.org/web/20160117082945/http://petroglyphs.us/article_myth_ritual_and_rock_art.htm}

I’ll attach the most relevant figures from the article:

An online (the PDF was generated from Way Back Machine) is found below:


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