Aug 10, 2016
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Indus Valley Terracotta Figurine

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Indus Valley Terracotta Figurine. Pakistan/Western India Circa: 2600 BC to 1900 BC. Terracotta. Height 7 cm. ©

Since nothing more precise than Indus Valley is given, I have placed it in Mohenjo Daro.

Original description says:

This beautiful figurine with her rich applique’ ornamentation would have probably been used as a ludic entertainment, although the high number of excavated examples would also seem to point out to a permeating belief in the magic aura of the feminine spirit, so beautifully portrayed in such a simple, yet refined way.

For comparable examples see: Jarrige, C. Les Figurine Humaines au Baluchistan, in Les Cites Oubliees de l’Indus, edited by J-F. Jarrige, 1988: pp.65-70. – (LO.567)

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3000 - 2000 BCE · Sculpture · South Asia

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