Aug 9, 2016
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Eye Figurines from Tell Brak, Syria

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Eye Figurines from Tell Brak, Syria, 4th millennium BC. Via

These figurines were excavated in the 30’s of the former century, at Tell Brak, now North-East Syria, it used to be the ancient city of Nagar. Once, a temple was situated at the site and it appears that these “eye idols” were given as offerings, as thousands of them have been found. Hence the temple is called “the Eye Temple”.

In this case, the holes are more abstract, since they are not clearly “eyes” or “ears”. The figurine with 4 holes is sometimes rendered as having two heads or as having 2 eyes and 2 ears. If the ears are big, they are usually called “elephants”:

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4000 - 3000 BCE · Mesopotamia · Sculpture

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